tori kudo

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tori kudo exhibition




made by the story I made. poured the story out into the ground, thrown into whirlpool of toponym. mistook the layer where I put out words, invaded like material.

places I can not come go on increasing, then it becomes impossible to go anywhere.

lost the ability to put out words, patted the head of the memory of cruelty. dragged by the body when it moves, when it became impossible to move it, squatted myself down in the land of Nodo. vomited, eaten. made it pass by like 20 years toponym,

trees were the same as before, got dizzy after 30 years passed. when making livelihood, to be supported was not able, when willing to support, not able is to love.

nature was not useful at all. written into mobile. stood up while drunk or drunk while stood up. when I was sitting sidewise on the chair of business talk in a cafe, word mistook the place I came out. was started from the end. incited by Hebrew parallelism. not able to say the true thing to anyone. only it rains dispiritedly.