tori kudo

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2005.9.16 interview



–I have read your music described as an esthetics of failure. would you see your work (with Maher Shalal Hash Baz and beyond) as an ongoing experience with trial and error?

  I can not decide what I should do for a show. So the members can read scores after the show begins. Error as goal is a gnostic excuse.

–What is your connection with Australia? How did the tour come about?

  I was thinking people were walking backward and doing handstand in the Southern Hemisphere, and I found its reversing phenomenon is fairly true when Guy Blackman said “!ailartsuA ot emoC”

–Does touring internationally with large groups of musicians cause many problems?

  Nothing would be a problem if the band holds its inspiration during being in abroad.




I do not believe this Japanese superstition concerning with number 4


–As the Maher Shalal Hash Baz line up is in constant flux, what can we expect to see from Maher Shalal Hash Baz when you tour Australia?

  You may expect that I invite passers by in Melbourne and Sydney.. I hope so.

–What is your connection with the band The Tenniscoats whom you are touring Australia with?

  They are one of my satellites of love.

–What new music from Japan would you recommended curious Australians to investigate?


–While so many groups stick to very rigid concepts of what constitutes a 窶話and窶・(stable line ups, stable setlists etc.) are there particular reasons or feelings why you choose to forego these?

  I think there is not so many stable things in last days and I just hold fast my reality at any cost until someone falls upon me.