tori kudo

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2006.12.5 interview



Q1. You told me that your lifework is write scores on our previous interview. Is it still the same on you ?


I ought to scan and keep them in a hard disk, but now I would rather throw them away.


Q2. Did you see any difference between writing scores and composing ?


Scores left behind are just frames, while composing includes all experiences concerned. I need friends who are kind enough to play my scores, while composing is just a personal affair.


Q3. Tell us about your impression of current line-up for MSHB.


Their hearts are not strong enough like current youngsters.


Q4. Tomorrow maybe a sunny day and good for go out. Where would you go with or without your family.


I could go anywhere for someone else but can not go just for me, because I have kept working until now and I keep working.


Q5. Orchestrated MSHB, how come ?


It might not sound new among degenerated famous musicians.