tori kudo

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2007.5.21 interview

5.21 Interview


1/ What are you doing in daily live? What’s your day like?


I am doing…nothing…doing nothing worth to do… just sittin’ on the dock of the bay, wastin’ time.


2/ People ask you many questions, many mysteries, about MSHB as a band or loose network. But what’s the truth? How does it work?


MSHB has not ever existed. It has been my solo with many “me”. I am so childish that I can not distinguish others and myself.


3/ How do you feel yourself as a musician in Japan? How do your look to live and music?


I am a small musician in Japan.


(4/ small question: You toured in the past in Hokkaido playing traditional music with the local Ainu people. Was that part of your political mission?)


Not in Hokkaido. I once played and danced with a man who was Ainu in a slum area in Tokyo, as a part of my political activity. It was an orchestra for homeless people.

Recently I displayed my ceramics at Oki’s concert in Tokushima.