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2016.4.29   an interview by Italian journalist



an interview by Italian journalist



In Maher Shalal Hash Baz you deliberately work with musicians who make mistakes, “like our imperfect lives”. Why do you do this? Is it an aesthetic choice or is it something else?


Aesthetic choices come from inevitable economic orders.


Does your work in Maher Shalal Hash Baz have a political objective?



The initial concept of Maher when it was launched was to voyage the public sea, so as not to touch the land by any political port of call.

However, the ship has been damaged after the nuclear accident in Fukushima.


What is a world worth fighting for?


First of all, no country is worth to be protected. Each nation is ruled by each evil spirit.

The policy which denied being as a nation could be worth fighting for.


What do you think about freedom?



I’m thankful that the free will is granted, but I also understand that freedom is relative so that I may have to obey the gravity. So, I had to agree that real freedom was found only in the freedom restricted by physical and ethical law. So, it could also be said that there is no freedom. We can not live eternally, unless helped not being the way we are now.


Does art describe reality or an alternative to reality? Very much of your music could be described as “happy”, but the world we live in is full of horror. How do those things go together?


The raw inspiration is always a sweet thing.


What do you think about utopias?


Man’s obsession during the period from paradise lost to paradise restored.


what do you think about riot grrrl?



They were punk in a true sense of the word, but as they use music as a vessle or as means to carry their words, the movement was not the revolution of the music itself. The real girl’s band for me is still The Shaggs and The Raincoats.


what do you think about punk?



Punk is about a way of life and not about music. Most of their music was just ordinary,


the interesting music was not punk itself, but those exposed by being dragged out

from that border.


Is there a reason for so much of your music being instrumental?


You can not put words in music unless it exceeds the speed of the sound. But even for that music, word is also used as its title, and that forms the frame of the sound.