tori kudo

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What were you doing after you had fallen on the earth?

 From roving about in the earth and from walking about in it.

Why did you induce them to cause the earthquake?

 Because it is written.

Anyway, why do you want to become me?

 It is because I never install the limit in love.

Why are you having your followers become tired?

 Because I do not love them.

You should not have been born.

  I  am care of today

Did you see my servants?

 I am having my servants mimic them.

Why do you have your servants pretend to fight?

 I want to mimic anything of you.

My servants do not put out their names.

 By the way, me and my angels are theatrical companies.

Is the travelling companion is a pleasure?

 The traveling companion is the pleasure.

Hatred is your love.

 Your love is hatred.

Then, I do not give you the death.

 I diffuse the life.

Alienation will become salvation now.

 I will make politics cultural.

You do not know the time provided.

 Your son has already known it.

You can not read person’s mind.

 Your son can do it.

You mimic my son as well.

 I am your son.

I do not know you.

 I divide the apple.

I will finish treating you by that time.

 I will think about violence that does not do anything.

Does violence mean to make private public?

 My violence means to make public private.

You should not have been born.

 It is Word that gave birth to me.

It is me that gave birth to you.

 Father, it was you that I chose.

I do not know you.

 Now, my side are more serious.

Do you mean they that are mimicking my servants are more serious?

 It is so.

Did you see my servant?

 Please make him write words, and look whether he curses you.

There he is in your hand! Only watch out for his soul itself!