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the bookstore

the bookstore


Choose one book

Touch the book

Feel the pitch of the book

Hook your voice to the pitch, then stretch the wave as a long tone



















music  for bookshop

If your body had its “felt sense”, the comfortable pitch of your voice could be called your “root sound”. Your “root sound” is changed every moment by your condition, feelings, etc.  It is like the pitch adjusted on karaoke machine.

If each singer keeps his/her “root” when singing with other singers, its  polyphony must be an aggregate of lines which carry out their parallel translation. Therefore the guitar should not be tuned.

You would feel a pitch when touching a tree. It is because your “root ” is adjusted. So it may be important to choose your own tree in your life. Sansei Yamao once said so.

i elaborated such thought when I had a chance to have a duo with keiji haino. I was uttering Ahhh while touching him..

This time, it is books you are expected to touch.

the whole bookstore would be changed into music by participants’ polyphony.